Domes & Skylights

Skylight is like a horizontal window or opening place in the roof to admit natural daylight or to give a clear vision of the sky at night. Materials used for admitting light or to provide vision can be glass or acrylic sheets depending upon the project requirements Framing members supporting such type of materials can be either aluminium profiles or steel framing suitably treated to avoid corrosion.

White acrylic domes provide even light distribution throughout the day. Skylights & domes admit more light per unit area than windows, and distribute it more evenly over a space.

The glass or the acrylic has to be carefully selected in order to avoid heat loss or gain inside the structure. With proper skylight design, there can be significant energy savings in industrial & commercial applications.

Proper structural calculations are conducted to determine the structural stability of the glass & the framing system. The glass to be used should have laminated safety glazing on the inside to avoid any sort of injury if the glass is broken.

The framing system can be treated to different types of finished based on the project specifications.

For the testing, the skylight undergoes required quality tests from approved independent testing laboratories for the purpose of attesting and certifying the full compliance with the specifications like air tightness, water tightness, and wind load resistance.

Area of application:

  • Roofs of Train Station/Airport lounges.
  • Villa Roofs for admitting natural daylight.
  • Commercial Establishments like Shopping Centres.
  • Industrial Establishments